Engineering Toolings

Engineering Toolings

Being well prepared and having the right tool before tackling the task on hand is ever prevalent in precision manufacturing, even more so as we are in the age of automation.

In precision manufacturing, man-hour would have a substantial effect on the profit margin, any mistakes in the machining process, depending on the severity, may render previous work done invalid, effectively doubling the manufacturing cost. As our connectivity improves, the demand for faster and more accurate workpiece rises proportionately, leaving even less margin of error for the manufacturing process. Every minute counts, every micron counts.

Engineering toolings exist just to minimize human error, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of our products. EDM-Tools is dedicated to supplying our customers with the best tools available on the market to enhance your competitive edge. As a responsible supplier, our duty does not stop at supplying the physical goods, we vow to do our best to support you in any way possible to fully utilize the potential of our product.

In the age of automated manufacturing, being prepared and having the right tooling is a must. EDM-Tools is here to help you transition into a smart manufacturing environment.


EROWA, a Switzerland based company, is world-renowned for its signature Flexible Manufacturing Concept(FMC). EROWA FMC categorized its products into 4 categories, standardization, organization, automation and integration. Each product category is compatible with one another and exponentially improves manufacturing productivity as you utilize more EROWA products. Erowa provides tooling, workpiece checking, automation solutions, and system integrations.


Elbo Controlli

Elbo Controlli, an Italy based company, is formed by a group of experienced technicians in numerical control planning and applications. With its company’s origin as a leading company in the optical scale and digital read-outs, Elbo Controlli quickly made its name internationally as a tool presetting, checking and inspection machine manufacturer. All Elbo Controlli products are developed and designed in-house, the cooperation with Nikken Kosakusho innovate the products even more.

Thome Präzision

Thome Präzision is a German company specializing in coordinate measuring machines(CMM). Their expertise in the measuring field is employed in the Shanghai Transrapid project. Currently, the entire rail track system between the Shanghai Airport and Shanghai is being measured continuously using Thome Präzision RAPID machines, round the clock, in two-minute tact. This successful prestigious international project is proof of Thome Präzision’s advanced technology in the coordinate measuring machines(CMM).


Established as an electronic mould maker, Toltec faced a problem as the mobile phone industry development demands a higher efficiency and accuracy workflow. In order to overcome such challenges, Toltec came out with the TOLTEC measurement system whereby a workpiece could be measured on the EDM machine without removing the workpiece. This product would reduce errors from moving the workpiece, reduce manufacturing time and corrections can be done instantly as soon as the measurement is acquired.

EASI Systems

EASI Systems is a POS processor developed locally in Malaysia with the main objective to reduce human error and improve manufacturing productivity. As a POS processor, EASI Systems reduce human error by automating standard tasks where human intervention is needed when a workpiece is transferred from one production stage to another. As the automation of these tasks also drastically reduces the setup time, the machine downtime can be minimized, thus improving overall productivity. Do contact us for a demonstration today.

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